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Proven Efficiency & Quality Care

Bio Tech is a company dedicated to providing a healthy and safe environment, practicing an integrated approach to solving pest and hygiene related problems.

Our primary objectives being state of the art technology and formulation, stringent safety programs, allowing for total elimination and sensitivity to our environment.

After fifteen years of service in the industry, the decision to form Bio Tech as company was taken. During these years we pride ourselves in our long standing relationships, built on a foundation of trust and transparency, by consistently striving to remain leaders of our brand and reputation in the fields of pest and hygiene management.

Bio Tech recognises that every industry and business is unique in it’s pest and hygiene needs. To successfully help prevent the damage they cause, the methods used to exclude and control pest must be customised to each environment.

Bio Tech endevours to ensure all customers requirements are met whilst providing a world class service.

 We strive to ensure the correct products are used and applied with the necessary adherence to safety. This results in positive perception and no claim relating to the various products, which in turn engenders trust and confidence from suppliers.

The Bio Tech Mission

Our mission is to be the trusted leader in the field of Pest Elimination, providing our clients with innovative solutions that are both technically and scientifically comprehensive but that align to the requirements as laid out by H.A.C.C.P (Hazard Analysis of Critical Central Point) and ISO.

Bio Tech Clientele

  • Tiger Brands
  • IN 2 Foods Group
  • Yum International
  • Nandos
  • KFC
  • Wimpy
  • UShaka Marine World
  • Premier Hotels
  • First Resorts
  • Aspen Pharmaceuticals

To name but a few.

We have had a long standing and successful relationship with the above clientele.

Bio Tech has a national footprint and can provide it’s Pest Management Services Nationally.