Crawling Insects

Crawling Insects

Insects are proven vectors of disease and pose a constant threat to food manufactures. Bio Tech has developed innovative treatment programmes for cockroaches, rats and mice, ants seasonal pests and stored product insects such as the rice weevil, indian meal moth, granary weevil. treatments are species specific and focus on the habits and biology of the insects. Shoudl insecticidal treatments be necessary, they will take the form of systematic applications of insecticidal dust, liquid residuals, baits and ULV aerosol applied expertly throughout the various parts of the facility. All applications are in strict compliance with DOA, SABS and loacl regulations concerning pesticide use.

Super Sensitive (Edible product areas / processing areas)

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As general rule, only non-residential contact insecticide treatments are applied iin these areas, and only in the absence of edible products and their packaging.

Wehere circumstances warrant the use of residential insecticides, crack and crevice treatments may be used with the express permission of the inspector in charge or applicable authority, provided cracks and crevices are sealed after treatment.

Sensitive (Non - Processing areas)

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In all non-processing areas where even the remotest possibility of cross-contamination exists, treatment will be limited to non-residual contact insecticides and residual insecticides applied only to cracks and crevices, where necessary.

This includes maintenance workshops, cafeterias and locker rooms.

Inedible (Waste handling / utility/ storage)

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Use of residual insecticides is permitted in condemmed or inedible product areas, storage rooms, docks and rendering rooms according to DOA and registered labels for non food areas in food establishments.

Cockroach Control

German Cockroach

American Cockroach